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Keys to create a high performance team

When I was working as an Estimating Projects Manager, my crew was integrated for the a chief of office, four coordinators and some analysts, each coordinator work in different project. Besides I used to interact with other company departments like operations & construction, financial, buyers, desingers & architects and other estimating divisions like mechanical, electrical and a second crew similar to mine. More than 30 people are involved t o develop a project. Everyone responded to me and they were under my supervision.

One thing that I noticed when I arrived all this group of 30 people was that they barely know each other besides the information of the id. The first step to create a high performance team is crate and reinforce the trust, this is not possible is they do not know each other.

I started with simple integration dynamics for example, after short meeting to explain a new project to all the crew, I suggested to make an exercise, obviously I sad “If someone need to go or just want to no participate feel free to go” I was appealing to the embarrassment of standing alone, usually works, then I asked few simple questions about oneself like: Tell us one thing that is difficult for you in the work and one talent. The answers were amazing and the team was impressed listen answers like: “I have a lot of problems with some reports” or “I do not know enough this software” This fist section of the question reveals simple and humble people with limits and the respond of the groups always is to support them, besides was very interesting to know that people can play an instrument, dance tango or drive a motorcycle, this part is useful to find things common between people, we are essentially social beans and we want to be part of the pack. Other question could be made, like with whom and where do you live? This answer give the opportunity to understand the particular situation of anyone, the time required to go home, a relative sick, or simple know who is alone at all. The result of this kind of exercise humanizes the team and turn sensible on the individuals.

In the other hand know the people of the team allows to me to understand what that need more, and I start a develop program with human resources department to improve the basics skills in fundamental software like Neodata and Excel, plus English lessons, project management and others.

This basis allow me to create and develop a high performance team who set a new target in the history of the company, and obtain contracts for more than two hundred million dollars, and sustained results for three years under my management. Furthermore using this knowledge I develop the career plan for the technical department starting on the lower level to my position a five levels stepping growth.

About the autor

Licensed Civil Engineer with ore than 18 years of experience in construction, Master in Project Management and Master in Business Administration, PMP Certificated CPIM Certificated and member of Project Management Institute. He has served as a professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. He has participated in multiple seminars and courses in Human Development.

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