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Improving the construction time

After a company raise the maturity, all the organization understand the time is equal to money and in some cases is more important. For all the companies is very important to have the money in the bank accounts the more time possible to generate interest investing by stocks for example and the only reason to take off the money is because it will going to generate more revenue than the secure investments. For this reason is very important to the company that once a decision is made about ti invest on a new project the construction must be completed in the minimum possible time. The less the time the more the utility, at least to have the more early date to start operations and sells, it is very clear when we talk about retailers, but is applicable to developers, land lords and buildings to lease.

We recently develop a construction project for a retail seller, they have 25 stores around metropolitan area in Monterrey, and we are running out of time because the client want to do the big opening before the black Friday. The miss of the due date imply for the company millionaire losing money in sales, no comments if the deliver time exceeds December. Like I explain earlier the company want to hold the money to the last minute, sometimes the stakeholders do not understand the time required to permits, contract, bonds, obviously they do not have any knowledge about construction and do not understand all the task involved in pre-construction process once they decide to invest they expect immediate results that end in a lot of trouble in construction site, the contractors have to do miracles to deliver on time and with out an exception the cost increase dramatically for example with double works turns, or extra time all the night long , waste increases, extra machinery and technical personnel for supervision, etc. besides a lot of stress.

Never the less the methodology of project management give us the tools to improve significantly the construction time and work with out stress is possible no matter the tight of the due date. The project of this example has more than five thousand activities and is mandatory to make an strategic planning and execute a detailed supply schedule beside an effective cash flow and be aware of environmental internal an external factors of the organization. “Fast-track” term is used for compress the schedule but is more than a technique used for it, the more accurate description is style of work, imply sequence the tasks identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities and defines the logical sequence of work to obtain the greatest efficiency all project constrains. Execute task than not are linked in the pareto chart is overlapping, and of course focus on task that generate value. Do not forget the base line and measure the deviation and take action previous to the disaster never wait until be to late.

Taking all this actions, in other words using the methodology of project management is possible to improve the overall time around 20% average, in some cases much more, for the study case two week early allowed the client to use the beneficial occupancy to be prepared to the opening with out stress like never before in the history of the company.

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